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About Us

Silver Spoons Bar

Full Service Catering
Silver Spoons Catering, Inc. takes great pride in being a full-service catering company. We are pleased to offer exquisite food and beverage service, as well as event coordinating. Our event planners are always available to assist in coordinating all facets of your event beyond just food and beverage, including: rentals, decor, flowers, and music. And there is never an additional charge to have us provide this service.

Custom Catering
Silver Spoons Catering, Inc. is a custom catering company. This means that although we can provide "sample menus" upon request, we specialize in creating customized menus specifically designed for you and your event. In this way, your party is unique, reflecting your personality and style.


Catering Staff
Silver Spoons Catering, Inc. has been serving Southern California since 1983. In that time, we have developed a highly skilled and professionally trained corps of service personnel from around the world. We employ 7 event managers who have been with the company for 15 years or more. The remaining catering staff is a blend of both seniority and newer employees. We feel it is our duty to not only maintain our "tried and true" staff, but to always welcome newcomers to the foodservice industry. In this way, we share our knowledge and assist in the further development of young people. All of our staff members (there are currently more than 50) have been personally trained by Scott Tessler, our Director of Catering, in Silver Spoons' methodology and philosophies.

Silver Spoons Catering, Inc. maintains a 2,000 square foot institutional kitchen and storage facility in Tarzana It is from this location that all foods are prepared and dispatched.

Silver Spoons Catering, Inc. is committed to doing what it can to
care for the earth and its inhabitants. This spirit is enacted in a number of ways, including:

  • Recycling - Silver Spoons takes care to separate all recyclable materials, bringing them to recycling locations ourselves or donating them to organizations which serve the indigent so that they may be exchanged for money. Additionally, when possible, Silver Spoons utilizes recycled products.

  • Food Donations – Leftovers are a constant in the catering industry. We do, of course, offer all leftovers to the client, and gladly package them at the conclusion of an event. However, when a client declines to take the leftovers, these foods are always brought to a food pantry or shelter which serves the homeless.

Silver Spoons Catering, Inc. maintains all appropriate licensing as necessary for a foodservice company, in accordance with all city, state, and federal regulations, as well as the Department of Health.

Silver Spoons Catering, Inc. maintains a one million dollar liability insurance policy, as well as Workers' Compensation insurance. Health, life, and disability insurance are provided for our full-time employees.

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